Someone recently pointed out to me about how great a relationship I had with my pants. Which made me realize that I do have at least one long lasting relationship in my life that I could count on. To every boy his one sole socially worthy pair of pants is like a girlfriend, she may leave him but the pants don’t.

This is how I would say is my relationship with my pant comparable to one with any girl and in some cases much better too… (Sorry darling)

Girlfriends need care, this fact is unarguable you must care for your girlfriend with all your heart to prove your love towards her. You have to call them, talk to them listen to them BLAH! BLAH! BLAH. But your pants you just have to wash them once in a month and they serve you faithfully till the next.

If you cheat on her she will sure as hell dump you, calling you all sorts of names on the way but you wear another pair of pants for a day… your usual pair will greet you with the same smile the next morning.(I know I sound like a jerk but trust me I’m not)

And there is the additional benefits of no tantrums.(NO offense)

This is for the boy’s relationship with their pants which is synonymous to Lord Rama’s relationship with Sita. But in case of girls it’s more like Shree Krishna’s relationship with the 11,000 Gopikas liking all of them but not staying with any one.

Now in my mind a girl chooses clothes just to make some other girl feel jealous, but this is just in my mind as I am not a genius with girls. Well, anyways the sheer volume of pants that girls have in their wardrobe is equal to the total amount of pants a boy will ever wear in his life time and that includes the many borrowed pants he wears for special occasions which are actually his friend’s. They have one for every Occasion College, party, study, exercise, play, jogging etc. You name it they have it. But boys they take the definition of multi-purpose to a whole new level using the same pair of pants till they finally give up dying in the line of duty….