An engineer is a great multi tasker he can ignore so many things at the same time, like the fact that there is a teacher standing in front of him on board, that someone is trying to poke a pen on leg, or that someone is showing off their artistic skills on his white shirt. you never have a good day if you didn't sleep in the class at least once You come and sit in the class to start the day as cheerfully as possible. You enter the class you feeling like Santa Claus in a sugar rush, in Disney land. You make yourself a pact today that you are going to listen to all the classes and grasp as much knowledge as present in the air today. And the class starts, the first hour is of the lazy teacher who has no idea what he is supposed to teach about, he starts with one topic and before you can make he the philospher ads or tails about it he is off like a effing ping pong ball bouncing off topics so fast that all you can do at the end of the class is just the time old act of nodding your head and imitating the actions of our very own class topper. Now in the next hour comes the philosopher teacher this guy urges you to do something in your life commit to your goal and thus he is able to finish his one hour of nonsense without even so much as writing the name of his subject  on the board. Then we have the friendly teacher who is the greatest of the kind he is a youngster who can relate to our troubles and all you can do is talk all kinds of crap about every person you both know. Within all this you have to go through two tea breaks and a lunch break and your determination to really absorb knowledge has long died like the dodo. And till the end of the day you are sitting at the last row with your mobiles out slowly, while some guy just drones on in his sleep inducing voice make you to take your education into your own hands which just means you are going to collect notes just before internals and mug up and puke it over the paper having no idea what all this is supposed to mean.