People usually say drinking is a bad habit, it damages the liver and does a substantial damage to your nervous system over the time too but what I think is it is more of a funny habit because why would you pay money and look stupid. Every drinking group has that one person who always provides the drinks, the one person who never spends even a single dime of money over drinks, then there will always be some side drinkers who just come along so that they get people to listen to their whining about how miserable their life is. Now anyone who has seen someone who has drunk knows that the first sentence a drunken guy talks is

“Don’t think I am talking like this because I’m drunk”

“See I’m telling you from experience don’t trust anyone…”

So let’s say that there is a birthday party and you have been able to coax the birthday guy to pay for drinks, you bring some snacks, some cold and hot drinks and start drinking. Well we Indian’s are so much into the made in India campaign that we will not say cheers, usually depending on the places our start-up slogans range from SHIVAA to Jai Mata dii… becoming pious for that moment. So the drinking begins and as soon the first peg goes into the system someone starts talking about his girlfriend and how she is better than others or how love is great etc…

Meanwhile one of the guys usually the most shy one starts telling that he has to go home because someone is waiting probably his mom or wife, that guy is the biggest mood killer of the group. Then one guy will always have such a week tolerance that as soon as the bottle is opened he gets high just by the smell or the first sip of the drink. He starts to call all sorts of comic swear words which brings everybody who is present there to try to hide is face or their whole family would come into the cross fire. Now the guy who is unnoticed till now sitting in the side trying to listen to songs gets a sudden urge to dance, it’s like the alcoholSlogan inside him consoling him, you are a great dancer show them what you are capable of and that’s when starts the drunken monkey dance because his brain is telling him dance but the limbs are all on strike which creates a clear-cut mess but this is what dance looks like to the other drunkards and they start dancing too and soon enough wherever you it is sure you will find some imagining himself doing great steps with his girlfriend which hopefully is a broom or else if he is unlucky he his kissing another guy who is having nearly the same hallucination. With this I rest my case don’t drink or you just end up making a fool of yourself. But guys remember if someone says he will do anything for you while he is drunk he will sure as hell do it trust him.