Getting up early morning with only one thought in mind, today at least got to get attendance for the first class. Then hurriedly getting up and trying to  apply as much cosmetics as we can to hide the fact that today again we have slept so late that don’t have time to even brush our teeth properly. Then running off to the bus stop and hoping with all our hearts that the deodorant ads are at least half-true and that even though girls don’t come running towards us, at least must not start running in the opposite direction. And finally we reach our destination our beloved college, but just like in a ghost movie the guru will enter the start scanning the house for the ghost, we enter the threshold and start scanning too for the hottest chick {girl} we can find on the campus today and just when there seem to be some promising results BAM!!! We remember class started 15 minutes ago running through the corridor like a monkey who just got a heart attack and after pushing through a humongous crowd somehow manage to reach the class only to find that the attendance is already been taken and knowing perfectly well that the teacher will have all the pleasure in advising you on the bad effects of coming late to class but will sure as hell never give you attendance so you just come in and sit down to start the day as you did till date.