Well we already remembered our crazy teachers in the class room!!! But what about much crazier classmates. In the scale of craziness 1 being a guy in a coma and 10 being the old lady who comes and warns the actors about the ghost in the house (come on lady get your act together they never listen to you anyways) our dear friends would score a fabulous 7.5-8 at the least depending upon how frustrated they are with their life. Now early morning as soon you enter the class you scroll the class room searching for that one friend who you think is the sanest of the group, which actually means even though he is bat shit crazy he is on the same scale rating as yours so you both synchronize correctly.

Now as soon as you enter you can find some of these stereotypes kids almost in every college class room. First of course you have the QUEEN BEE she is the only OK looking girl in the class but anyways all the boys talteacher-crazy-classroom-problemsk about her at least once!!! Why well because you have no other work to do and probably your phones battery just died. Then comes the class CHATTERBOX & CLOWN he\she {giving 33%  percentage reservation for women here too, to satisfy the feminists} just throws random comments and jokes every time the teacher says something and even though they may not be that funny you tend to laugh due to the overall boredom filled air around you. Then is the FLY HIGH guy this guy is high on something or another most of the times his favourite colour even has become green nowadays, he is always gazing towards the horizon imagining god knows what. Now we have the CLASS NERD everyone knows this one he is the only guy in the class who has any idea about what is happening inside and everybody in the class is very polite to him because they know when the exams come he is the only person who will save them from their impending failure. Then we always have the PEN & BOOK guy, this person walks into the classroom as if he rules the world but as soon as he sits down the first thing he does is ask the nearest guy “Bro do you have any extra pen\book please” his behaviour is so typical and repetitive that as soon he enters into the class you hide all your pens and just try to ignore, because he has your last 5 pens and he never returned it. Of course we always have our BAKRA of the class (no better word designed in English to explain this) as the name suggests he is the subject of all the new pranks, jokes and the name most called out whenever the teacher asks for any volunteers for some job to be done. Phew… that was one long list and I am pretty sure I missed out most.WELL YOU CAN ALWAYS COMMENT AND REMIND THAT