There is still time!!! It is the tag line of any student conversation during the phase, when exams are around the corner. Anyways the main thing to talk about todstudiesay is how we all… (And I mean every student I have ever met) prepares himself for the exam. Now mostly there are two types of exams the internals where the question papers are set within the college itself and the externals where they are set somewhere else, so we being of the fast generation have already figured out two highly efficient ways to study for both of them separately.

Studying for internals- this is the type of exam where till now we don’t know what is present in the syllabus and hence have yet to figure out what to study and what not to, the difference between easy and scoring has yet to be decided so what do we do…well we do what nearly 30% of Indians do for a living WE BEG, we find out the person who has prepared the question paper and we keep sending groups after groups of people asking him to give important questions. We show great team work in pestering the guy so much so that he at last succumbdownloads to the pressure and gives up the question. And out of these question again you select only 60% of the paper and prepare for it that’s all and if even a word difference comes in the question paper we are sure as hell screwed.

Studying for externals- This is the case where we already know that we are in deep shit, the semester has rolled by and all we have come to know is the name of each teacher and his\her accent when they talk in English. Now as someone correctly said a student who is undergoing exams is the most vulnerable to suggestion, I once saw a guy pledge at least giving food for 100 people if he passed all subjects in the exams. Did he fail because he didn’t study or because he didn’t have the money to feed so many of them I will never know? Well as soon as the exam time table comes everyone has made up their mind if I start studying one undid-you-study-for-the-testit per day I will be able to do all the units and will even have days to spare, but till the real exam starts he\she has just did one unit grossing over all. So just before the day of exam we call our beloved class topper and ask him all sorts of questions ranging from “Which textbook to follow, to which and all units are the easiest”. And whatever he says you follow it like a pious devotee following the BHAGVAD GEETA. And in that 24 hours we start understanding concepts so much that if Einstein was alive he would saw “Come on, bro I didn’tknew there were so many internal meanings and cheat codes in my theory of relativity please spare me”