There are many words to describe someone’s eyes deep, gentle, sad, sexy, innocent are just a few but if ever I were to describe my own I have just one word for them my eyes are CRAZY!!!!!

Well as anyone who knows me would know that I don’t make any claims without reasons to justify them here are some reasons why I think my eyes as crazy as the mad scientist seen in every horrible other sci-fi movie who invents the main thing which kills him.

My eyes are the main reason I get into trouble always. Remember that super cute and well proportionate girl in your college each college has one for sure. In my case sometimes even though I know I have been late to class and my brain keeps telling my body to just stop staring and move on, but no my eyes will never stop and eventually I end up losing my attendance which also explains why I have never crossed the 60% attendance margin. Well according to my eye beauty should be appreciated to its full glory.

Some others times even though I know that some girl is with her brother or much worse, her boyfriend but that doesn’t stop my eyes from staring it just starts to challenge the guy to come and do something. These are the times when my brains calls out my inner actor to save my body from the beating I am about to get due to the misdemeanour of my eyes.

Also the main reason I always procrastinate while studying is my eyes playing games with my brain trying to look at the laptop so that my brain is made to remember all the good times we had. Also even though when I am talking with a person and come to know that his fly is open, my eyes want to look. I know it’s bad but my eyes don’t seem to understand the need for anybody’s privacy. Like when it eve n catches a small glimpse of PDA like people making out it never stops staring till I am told to STFU and mind my own business.

Now it feels like even the shopkeepers know my eyes weakness and tend to keep colourful dresses and all those yummy looking cakes, pastries which are surely not good for my health, and those dresses most times won’t even fit but still my eyes keep pulling me towards them and so here I am fat, wearing clothes not fitting to me, getting scolded from the teacher for being late to the class and sporting an eye path to cover the mark the girls boyfriend put on my face yesterday and all due to my crazy eyes.

If you can totally relate to this just let me know through your comments, and if you think i am just a horrible guy let me know that too.