So after just a week on the blogging platform I have been nominated by chiruhr probably one of my inspirations for coming into this field at first for the ***** award (can’t seem to even remember the name correctly without checking it out on the other tab). So thanking him at first I proceed into answering some of his crazy questions.

1 Do I believe in luck!!! And if yes why so?

Well frankly I do from the core of my heart!!! Or else how would you explain all those people with not so much as a degree ruling us having millions in their bank accounts, or how some people with lots of talent are left with nothing to fend for themselves and those with not so much as a socially acceptable IQ don’t even have to move an inch to get things done.

2 The strangest thing that happened to me…

Considering the fact that I am an eccentric person who follows the saying “No rest for the devil” I do have a lot a of strange experiences but for most of them viewer discretion and censor would totally make my post a blur so I am stuck with this one, so….I was sitting with my friend on the bench, just watching and ogling over some hot junior girls at the moment a really hot girl walked by and me being the gentleman eve teaser started explaining to my friend how each part of her must made in heaven, my friend took a small tea break went inside the building and brought that girl and introduced her to me as see sonam here is my girlfriend @#$%. Well long story short now that guy has not sat with me for more than a year so after my detailed description of his girlfriend.

3 what is a challenge for me…

Well trying to flirt with a girl’s best after you have just broken up with her knowing perfectly well that her sister was your first ex, now that’s a challenge for some people for me though trying to shut the fuck when perfectly knowing that my comic comment right now is totally inappropriate that is difficult like the time I said to a girl grieving over her granny’s death that you look gorgeous in white can I have your number please.

I really want to nominate others but I am new in these parts of the cyber world I’m going to pass this time.